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Whip-it Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! I want to publicly answer your questions. 


The question I have received the most this winter is:

“Why do I go into a uncontrolled front flip when I jump? What causes the back wheel to go higher than the front wheel, throwing my body over the bars?”


The answer is mega easy, and mega easy to fix.


But let’s address why this is such a great question:

This is a big fear a ton of mountain bikers have. This fear outweighs our desire to learn to jump sweet jumps. So we have a problem of riders lacking jumping confidence.


The easy answer is this:

You are un weighting the back wheel too soon. That’s it.


How to fix this and gain confidence:

Master bump jumps with flat pedals. Easy. Can do it for free at home. If practicing everyday, could get it within 30 days.


The result:

You are safer when jumping.

You are more comfortable with jumping.

You have more confidence.

You have access to more trails.

Riding bikes becomes more fun.

Impress your friends.

You are capable of more.


Check out the video I made on the subject in the comment section and let me know what you think!


I’ll also link my personal favorite video on the topic by Ben Cathro!


Check out my 28 day bunnyhop challenge that literally fixes this.


I am also going live in the MTBCORE facebook group this Friday for a live Q and A with Coach Al.

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