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Whip It Wednesday

How to: Generate Friction With Your Front Tire


I love working with my clients on this topic because we get to mesh some science and some biking to create “free” speed. The free part is arguable because this drill actually takes a lot of work. So you kind of have to earn it.


Ok, so check this out. If you sit on your bike, feet on the pedals, and turn the bars left and right aggressively, you will start moving forward. The friction you create with the tire and the ground creates energy, which in our case propels us forward. Probable due to the headtube angle and our shoulders being in front of our hips… idk. 


I like showing this to riders while in the saddle to isolate the wheel movement as much as possible. Having our booty’s on the seat traps our body and traps the bike from being able to move. So we get to learn how this effect works by only moving the handlebars and grinding our expensive tires into the pavement.


When you get this down, you can progress into wider turns by standing up with level pedals. This allows you to start FEELING when to add your body weight to the bike for added effect. More progressions include using your feet properly, and eventually being able to do this uphill! (Brayyyyydooooooonnnnnnnn??????)


Check out the video I made on the subject and let me know what you think!


I am also going live in the MTBCORE Facebook group this Friday for a live Q and A with Coach Al.

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