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Ready to take your bunnyhop skills to new heights? Whether you're a beginner looking to clear obstacles with confidence or an experienced rider aiming to perfect your technique, my "Elevate Your Bunnyhop" online course is designed to transform your riding abilities in just 4 weeks.


Week 1: Building a Solid Foundation In the first week, we'll focus on establishing a strong foundation for bunnyhopping. You'll learn about body positioning, and the biomechanics behind an efficient bunnyhop. Through interactive video lessons, and personalized feedback, you'll discover the key elements that contribute to a successful bunnyhop.


Week 2: Strengthening Core Techniques Week 2 dives into honing your core bunnyhop techniques. You'll explore exercises that target your balance, timing, and coordination. With at-home drills that require minimal equipment, you'll work on improving your lift-off, front wheel control, and rear wheel lift. Through guided practice sessions, you'll gradually enhance your bunnyhop height and consistency.


Week 3: Precision and Mastery. Now that you've built a solid foundation and improved your core techniques, Week 3 shifts the focus towards precision and mastery. You'll learn how to navigate small and consistent hops, from small stationary to more difficult techniques, with finesse and control. Coach Levi will break down each step of the process, helping you tackle obstacles confidently and smoothly.


Week 4: Advanced Tricks and Combos In the final week, you'll take your bunnyhop skills to the next level by incorporating advanced tricks and combos. Discover how to add style to your bunnyhops, perform variations like "E.T.’s" and "Timmy Turn Bar’s," and link bunnyhops with other tricks. Through step-by-step tutorials and real-time demonstrations, you'll unlock a whole new realm of creativity on your bike.


Course Highlights:

  • Engaging video lessons led by experienced riders and instructors.

  • Interactive live sessions for Q&A, feedback, and personalized guidance.

  • Weekly at-home exercises and drills.

  • Gradual progression from basic techniques to advanced tricks.

  • Individualized feedback on your progress and areas for improvement.


Whether you're a mountain biker, BMX enthusiast, or simply looking to elevate your biking skills, this 4-week online course will equip you with the knowledge, practice, and confidence to conquer bunnyhops and impress everyone on the trails. Join us and let's take your bunnyhop game to the next level, all from the comfort of your own home.


You will get 4 weeks worth of emails, so you can start and re-use the challenge anytime. One time purchase for months of learning and progress! 


What people are saying about the online bunnyhop program:


“The core strength workouts are going well and my front wheel lifts are improving. I am now concentrating on the rear wheel lifts.” ~ Brian Dies ~


“Levi is amazing with all abilities of riders and integrates character traits into his lessons and coaching! I highly recommend Coach Levi and we look forward to more classes from him in the future!” ~ Emily Brodie ~


“I have been Mountain biking for 6 years and took my first lesson with Levi Sunday July 9th. He helped us learn how to do bike control, bunny hops, and jumping. Got me to do my first wall ride and some smaller gap jumps all of which I always avoided. Levi explained everything extremely well and helped me get over my fears and do things I would not have tried on my own. Whether you are a new rider or an experienced rider I encourage you to take a lesson with Levi. It will help you understand the bike better and make you more confident. I will be taking a cornering class from him soon.” ~ Jim Davis ~

Elevate Your Bunnyhop: 4-Week Online Mastery Program

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