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Whip It Wednesdays

Happy Snow Day Shredders!


Here is something for you more experienced riders. However, if you consider yourself anything less, you will still benefit a LOT from this.


This one I am really proud of, because when I came up with this drill (not that I invented it by any means at all) it was my first time as a professional bike coach creating a drill that can help just about any rider learn how to jump better without using a jump. Oh and like most of my drills, can be done at home. This means it’s another NO EXCUSE drill.


Disclaimer, this is ground breaking and you have probably heard some or all of this before summed up with different words. This was just something that I did on my own through my coaching journey and I hope it helps you and gets you on your bike more this winter. 


I grew up learning tricks on my bmx bike. I spent most of my time riding in the streets and jumping up and down stairs, wallriding, grinding rails, and also skateparks. So when I became a coach at the Lumberyard Indoor Bike Park I was able to show off my skills to clients pretty easily.

I started taking note on what impressed riders the most and started breaking down how to teach it to them.

Sometimes the park was super busy and clients would be impressed by my trackstand skills as I waited for a chance to drop in, so I could do it asap without having to get back on the pedals.

A lot of eyebrows were raised when I would hop a bit to adjust and keep my balance. And this one I honed in on. 

I started asking other riders in the park FOR A YEAR to do stationary hops. I noticed something over 12 months. The riders who could perform the drill (even if they haven't heard of it or tried it before) were also able to clear the jumps. Riders who struggled with this drill could not clear jumps. Night and day. Spooky.




I worked backwards to find the answer. The riders who could do this drill easily had great:

  • Timing and Coordination

  • Body Positioning

  • Exquisite Pressure Control

  • Flat Pedals Control

  • Balance

  • Landing Control (if you don’t know what is going to happen to you after you send a lip of a jump, you don’t have landing control which can easily be learned with other simple drills)


This means riders who are still developing on this drill will improve on the above by trying it. This is why I suggest that any rider get started with this, and this time of year is great for it. Try it before you go skiing. It’s a great warm up, and you’ll be a better biker for it.


In my YouTube video “You Need To Master This” I break down stationary hops and why every rider should be doing them.


Fair warning, it’s a workout video. Which means you can watch the video and play along with me. It’s hard, and you will sweat. Less experienced riders can still follow along with the video and just do what you can, but try to follow the time restrictions. YOU WILL PROGRESS A TON BY SPRING IF YOU MASTER THIS!!!!!!!!!


I have quoted this as being my most valuable drill a rider can possibly do at home. But most people do not commit to it because it’s wrapped in hard work.


My members and athletes get FREE online coaching. So lean on me grasshoppers! Send me some questions or goals! Let’s chat.



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