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Whip-it WednesdayLet’s talk about the pink buffalo in the room… crashing..Let me just get this o

Whip-it Wednesday

Let’s talk about the pink buffalo in the room… crashing.


Let me just get this out… you fear crashing WAY too much!


There it is, I said it. Phew!


Most of my crashes don’t hurt beyond scrapes and bruises. (let’s be honest, you brag about them when you have them…)


Believe it or not, most crashes do not result in broken bones and stitches, especially if you are a rider with a coach ;) Don’t get me wrong, some serious injuries happen in our sport, and even with my athletes.


So here is my advice for you: PRACTICE CRASHING!


Practicing crashing helps you:

  • Learn to anticipate a crash

  • Better planning and execution of a crash

  • Tuck and roll (no stiff arms please!)

  • Crashing in many ways

  • Toughen yourself up a bit (you need it, you know it)

  • Land on your feet more often!

  • Bailing (ditch the bike, save the bones)

  • Become more athletic

Check out this video I made about the topic.

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