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Whip It Wednesday

Updated: Jan 30

Happy Snow Day Shredders!


How many of you practice bunnyhops on your fat bikes? Didn’t think so…


Some of my athletes/ members have been asking me this week about what to do to build skills when the snow is like this. It’s like they are trying to stump me!


#1 trackstands. If you have a garage or any covered patio space, track stands are absolutely a great ten minute drill. But you have heard that from me before so…


#2 Watch sweet videos of riders doing cool things.

There are three ways most people learn. 





This will be the seeing part. Now, don’t get me wrong, watching a Brandon Semenuk video does not make you float over jumps with absolute ease and grace. But you will get a few other tips:


Watching sweet videos keeps you stoked! And up to date on some of the latest freestyle moves. 


Watch the riders confidence. Watch the riders move and notice how comfortable their movements are. Watch the dance with the bike. Watch the line choices. Foot pressure, body position, so on and so on. 


Ideas, info, imagination, thinking outside the box, visualization, and more!


If you’re looking for some cool, creative stuff to watch:

Danny MacAskill 

Brandon Semenuk

Kris Kyle


I made a sweet video helping you discover some weird tricks that you may not have heard of before.


My members and athletes get FREE online coaching. So lean on me grasshoppers! Send me some questions or goals! Let’s chat.



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