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Whip-it Wednesday

Updated: Jan 30

2024 here we are!


I have seen so many posts of everyone bringing in the new year on bikes! Stoked that some of our trails are rideable and everyone is able to get the wheels turning. If you know me, you know I love to build my skills at skateparks this time of year.


I wanted to share the number one way to build skills NOT AT HOME.


The word skatepark is not in our mtb vocabulary. Trust me, adding skatepark riding to your riding plan goes a long way. You may show up and feel like it’s impossible or not know where to start. I recommend going with me or someone else experienced at skatepark riding. If your skills don’t build very swiftly, I'll pop my tires and never ride again… 


There is so much you will get out of this, but here are 5 things you will get better at by riding skateparks:

  1. Jumping!

  2. Short steep descents

  3. Pumping

  4. Cornering

  5. Awareness / Line choice


You don’t have to have the ambition of qualifying for the x-games to benefit from skatepark riding. Also… you’re not too cool to be seen at a skatepark.


Check out this video where I break down some simple ways to get started.


Reach out with questions, or to schedule a lesson!



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