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Whip-it Wednesday

Hi everyone!


I want to talk about some progressions for some basic “At Home” drills.


The topic this time of year is, well, we are leaving bike season. Treasure Valley riders sometimes say things like:

  • “Muddy trails = no bike riding at all.” This is wrong in so many ways.

  • “If I take a coaching lesson now, I will forget all of the information by spring” Also wrong!

  • “I don't ride my bike at home” Big mistake!

  • “I don’t need biking goals, I’m good enough.” Usually the riders who need the most help and see the most progress.

  • “I already know how to do that.” This brings me to my next point.


If you have been following along, we have covered some popular topics, including basic wheel lifts. Basic wheel lifts are AWESOME! It teaches you a lot about loading the bike, weight distribution, and timing and coordination. 


But when you got it down, you got it down. I will link a video in the comments for you to see how to progress basic wheel lifts to stylish “In The Air” tricks. Pretty easy way to practice the learning curve in your driveway. And guess what? This is just one of many ways you get to ride your bike AND progress through the winter AT HOME.


Let’s start changing the way we think about winter. It’s not “Put the bike away and re-learn in the spring” Instead, lets say “I will be twice as good by next spring”


Reach out with questions folks!


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