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Well,,, I left one of my two cameras on top of my car after filming 2 videos to be released in the next couple of weeks. Its gone. Long gone. Im back down to one camera and at the mercy of very busy filmers. Im not a blog or vlog type of person. So usually when I film, its scripted and there is an order to the business. This way I just execute. So working alone is not my strongest attribute. But it does point out a big weakness. Like I don't feel validated when filming alone or riding alone to be honest. I feel vulnerable and like a clown. I second guess what I am doing and have less confidence on some days vs. others. Loosing by my own fault 50% of my equipment is a huge blow since I am a small business at the mercy of membership subscriptions and lesson sales to pay the bills. This speaks a lot to what is in my mind, but far from the truth.

I have more followers and supporters than I do haters. I continue to make new connections with people I idolize. I have over 30 instructional videos in under a year. A new website and merch to sell as well as lessons and clinics. I continue to make reationships with shops by offering free clinics and advertising in order to help me get my name out. ALL BUSINESS LEADERS ADVISE THAT STARTING UP IS SLOWER, AND HARDER, THAN YOU CAN PLAN FOR. Just because sales are low now doesnt matter. The fact that I am set up and ready for business is the bigger picture. Thats a win. If you asked me what I would do with a business loan, I would show you my business plan. Thats a win.

I have to meet myself at the next level. Wake up time. Excercise. Diet. Full Control Mode. The rest will follow. I can ensure my failure, or I can equally ensure my success.

Hit the membership tab on the home page and join the Shred Crew for FREE. Or choose one of the other options. Stay strong, stay motivated.

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