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The Developing Year

This year has been great so far. I am moving forward with ideas that were started last year, and I am currently working on a couple of projects that I am excited to share with you.

Season 2 on the YouTube channel is about to wrap up. We saw a lot more consistancy there and a better look overall. We have over 30 instructional videos in only 9 months. I would not have guessed that amount of content! With that comes more...

This year we are reaching out for more partnerships and sponsors. I am going to release the new invention along with more of the back story of how it came about. I am working on a couple of business plans and hope they can gain some traction. As the weather gets nicer, I will be doing more lessons and clinics. I have FREE clinics that are being held at various bike shops around my local area. Attending these are a great way to get an indroduction to bike coaching and exposure to more bike shops.

At the house, the home office is built and functioning thanks to the many friends I have who helped and my roomate who was the acting General Contractor who kept charge of getting the project finished. My graditude is ever growing and I can't express enough my appreciation. We will concentrate on making the yard more ridable and fun. We are hoping to build bigger jumps and obtain an airbag lander. The airbag lander can be used for jumping 101 clinics and other amazing events. Here is a video of the backyard:

Now is a great time to join the Shred Crew! As we move forward, I always pass on any perks to members. Perks are based on your selected tier. Some perks even have FREE merch! The bigger the channel gets, the more perks you get. The more members we get, the bigger the channel gets. It's simple. Select the FREE tier to get started. Upgrade or cancel at any time.

You can join the Shred Crew via my website:

Or via Patreon:

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Feb 25, 2021

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