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Help! I don't know anything about blogging!

I am now typing on my website. This is supposed to be a blog. My idea for my first blog is this: me talking into open space, wondering if there is any other form of life out there? So tell me, is anyone out there? Can you tell me then, what would you like to see here? Would you follow it? Would you recomend it to others? What kind of value does this have?

I would like to start using my website more, but here's the deal, I dont know how to. Everything you see here was a painstakingly long and frustrating process to come up with. Im not gonna lie, I have even taken very long breaks from attempting to learn how all of this works and more so, to make you want to use it.

Here are my next few goals: See if anyone ever reads this. If so, Ill keep at it. I have a webstore up, and I now have a reacurring class on Saturday mornings that I can promote and have individuals sign up for. And lastly I want to find a way to roll my membership over to my website and be able to offer the same level of quality.

Any feedback is welcome. Send me a message. Comment on this if you can... I have never done this so I don't know what it will look like on your end. I think in a nutshell this describes me best. "I don't know, but Im gonna try. Don't know if it's going to work or be a waste of time, but Im still going to try. If it doesn't work I'm going to find another way to try."

Is this a blog?

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