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The extension is an accessory used combined with a Coach ramp. The Extension is for riders who are ready for bigger jumps and already own the Coach Ramp. It makes it possible to clear 4 - 10 m gaps. 

The multi-purpose accessory can be used both as Coach ramp Extension or Tabletop for the Mono Bridge or Double Bridge (with 2 Coach ramps). 

The geometry of the Coach with Extension ramp is more aggressive. The Coach ramp has a big height adjustment amplitude - Extension makes it possible to make it even bigger. The extension adds an extra 300 mm to the ramp. The height can be adjusted 820 to 870 mm. It has leg travel of  50 mm.

The Extension can be combined with Coach to enlarge the ramp, Extension + additional Coach ramp to create a Mono Bridge, and two Extensions + additional Coach ramp to create a Double Bridge.

The surface of the ramp is not suitable for small wheel sports. It can be used with MTB and BMX bikes. The ramp will give you longer air time and makes it possible to master more advanced stunts. 

Note: The Extension can only be used with the Coach ramp. This product includes only the Extension (Does not include Coach ramp).  Official Shred Crew members save 10%

MTB Hopper: Coach Extention

  • Technical data

    • Assembly: 3 min
    • Weight limit: 150 kg
    • Ready to use dimensions: 820-870 (height) x 730 (widh) x 2100 (length)
    • Briefcase dimensions: 530 x 730 x 85 mm
    • Product weight: 3 kg 


    Packaging data

    • Ready-to-ship product dimensions (+ packaging): 537 x 741x 99 mm 
    • Product weight (+ packaging): 3,5 kg
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