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Add a catchy title

I ran my last blog as an email campaign. Honeslty I was just clicking around to try new things I haven't tried before. I don't follow blogs or know much about them, so I didn't understand the value it can have, or if anyone would care to read it.

As I hit send and continued to work on my website, I could see just about everyone I sent that email to came to the site to read the blog. I was amazed. This one won't be an email campaign, but an awesome lesson was learned after that last one. First, people see it and read it. Second, reserve my limitted amount of email campaigns for more useful things!

So I will keep posting here. I may shoot for once a week or something like that.

Today I took a class from Patreon on how to basically run your social media better. It gave me confidence in some things I have been already doing as well as gave me a few new ideas.

One area I have a big weakness on is CTA. Which is CALL TO ACTION. What this means is engagement. My croud is really really REALLY quiet until I complain that no one is there, then I see a ton of engagement of followers saying they see every single post. I did a giveaway this last month and it went terrible. Over 8k followers on my facebook athlete page, over 2k on instagram, and 300 subs on youtube, and only one person entered my givaway, because it required a Call To Action. And guess what? It was someone who was already a paying member of the Shred Crew which is a membership option I offer on my website and on patreon.

When I ask people to like and subscribe and share, there is very minimal results. Getting people to click on stuff is hard to do! YouTube annalytics tell me that 90% of my video viewers watch under 1 minute of my videos, and my intro is 30 - 45 seconds.

In conclusion, this is me being open and telling you about some of my frustrations and harder times with this project. Also pointing out weak areas gives me an idea of what to work harder on. The title of this blog is "Add a catchy title" because this is my current battle. How to make catchier titles, interesting posts, something people are excited to open and follow. Ways to encourage more engagement from my followers, beyond the regular culprits.

Thanks for reading,

Coach Levi

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Joel DeLos Loftus
Joel DeLos Loftus
Feb 18, 2021

Great stuff Levi. I find your words helpful and encouraging, I'm struggling in a lot of the same ways so totally understand. Really enjoy your blogs/writing you always help me to look at things differently and you are great with words, Thanks brother 🙏 keep up the great work.


Feb 18, 2021

I made a comment! You have to sign in. Usually you can "sign in with facebook" which is the option I chose.

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